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Jargon Of Sexual Pleaseure

by adultmart

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Age does not define masturbation; it happens to each and every one whether it is a boy, a girl, a bachelor or a married one. Let’s   talk about male masturbators; this is an involuntary habit for some and an addiction for other. Like everything has an incubation period or in other words to come in track in any field who need to have an threshold time, in the same way masturbation has its appropriate time.

Masturbation is looked with various perspectives for different people, some take it as a crime and feels guilty after doing the same and some cool guys just don’t give a shit on what they have done. Once you  are in double digit of your age and adolescence  you   start to wonder what magic comes in your penis when you  look at a naked woman,  or a part of her private part like cleavage of her boobs,  cleavage of her buttocks , her round sexy smooth hips,  a perfect body figure with the magical digits of 36 24 36, 36 for her breasts 24 for her stomach and 36 for her hips it will just erect your penis stretching the thread of your underwear, provided you  are wearing it. Having a view of all these pleasant, soothing, stress relief exercise for your eyes, a male masturbator is born.

Male masturbators are of various mentality some masturbate to make their penis in normal position when they have to leave for some business deal or have to be in a public place. A erected penis will spoil your personality in public place and certainly will harm the crease of your formal pants. Some masturbate to keep their sexual desire in control, a person of this mentality should always masturbate because this may bring down the rape cases. Some masturbate for keeping in pace with their friend and colleague even they are not willing to do so looking their  friend doing it they also begins and ends up with addiction.

Now there are modes of masturbating for male masturbators. Best way out for doing this is just make a roll of your hand in a concentric cylinder type with inner diameter fitting your penis, they place your hand over your penis and start jerking it to and fro with your eyes closed concentrating on the sight you saw and your dirty desire of having sex with your girlfriend or any girl. If you are masturbating with eyes wide open have a look at porn and visualise yourself to be a male porn star and having fulfilling your naughty thoughts like fingering her, pressing her smooth pulpy breasts. Masturbation is a form of virtual sex where you are in the lead role satisfying your needs. Each have different perspective of looking in this and be free in sharing with your close ones because this is not a crime, this is beyond your control. Feel free to spread your semen, you have lot of these stored inside with good production rate.

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