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Be Prepared for Your Ski Trip with the right Winter Hat and

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Getting ready to hit the slopes for a few days of winter skiing is exciting.  But while you’re packing keep in mind all the things you need to keep as warm as possible, without overheating.  Of course you need all the essentials like thermals, ski jackets, and ski gloves, but if you don’t have them already, where to buy them?


There are many ski outfitter shops who will sell you top brand name ski clothes at premium prices.  Unless you’re a professional skier, or need to make a fashion statement on the slopes, paying these high prices isn’t necessary.  But you should also know not to buy just any kind of winter gloves for skiing.


Unlike basic winter gloves, quality skiing gloves are able to keep your hands much warmer and therefore more mobile when you’re skiing.  They are usually insulated with thermal material that keeps moisture away, keeping your hands warm and dry.


Some ski gloves come extra padded with a palm grip, so your poles won’t slide out of your hands while you’re on the chair lift. Gloves with thermal warmth insulation contain microfibers that have more surface area to trap more warm air and insulate better.


For children it is advisable to get padded water resistant or waterproof thermal ski gloves as they fall often onto the snow.  They can also come with a palm grip to help the child hold their poles.  And if you can, buy the ones that are machine washable, as they will get dirty fast.


Many people assume that any old winter hat will do when it comes to skiing.  But there are a few things to consider before pulling your old toque out of the closet.  Firstly, a thermal thinsulate hat is the best for keeping moisture away and warmth in.  Also, you may prefer a balaclava type hat if you don’t like your whole head being cold.


Another type of popular winter hat for skiing is the Sherpa or trapper variety, as they come down over your ears and chin to keep your whole head warm.  They usually have a faux fur trim which makes them stylish as well.  Again, water resistant hats are always a good idea for child skiers.


Winter hats for skiing can be made out of a chunky knit material, or a soft chenille thermal fabric.  Though the chunky knit look is more fashionable, a thermal insulated hat is better at keeping moisture away and will stay warmer, longer.  Choose practicality over fashion, keeping warm is priority.


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