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Authentic Sound with HTC One SV

by torrado

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HTC is one of the leading manufacturers of Pakistan, competing with the brands such as Samsung, Apple and Nokia. However, its Android smartphones do not get as famous as the new and new smartphones by Samsung such as Galaxy S2, S3 and S4. In order to cope up with the lacking aspects HTC continues to struggle in the form of new and new smartphones.


HTC One SV is another new smartphone that may not be considered as a totally new introduction as it is an enhanced version of the HTC One S. The new HTC One SV comes with a newer chassis and a bit improved specifications out of the most prominent one are the 4G capability.


The 4G capability of the new HTC One SV makes it a direct competition to the latest smartphone champs which include Windows Phone 8 based HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 820; and Android based Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Nexus 4. However, the respective mobile prices in Pakistan of these smart phones are far higher than HTC One SV’s.


With a bit heavier weight than the One S, SV is still comfortable and handy as it has a soft touch plastic case. The dimensions of the handset are such that they give an easy access to the whole screen and the buttons giving a comfortable use.


Another additional advantage of the new One SV is the easily removable back cover that gives an easy access to the micro SIM and micro SD card slots and most amazingly the battery attached is removable (that is unlike the other HTC smartphones).


A drawback or a lowering point of the HTC One SV is the previous Android version Ice Cream Sandwich instead of the new Android Jelly Bean. Many of you may not pay for the HTC One SV price in Pakistan and prefer another smartphone with an Android Jelly Bean.


Let us now come to one of the most standing out feature of the new HTC One SV, which is the Authentic Sound through the BeatsAudio.  It fulfills all of your musical needs under one roof. The music App gives you an access to your favorite songs. Moreover, you can also have other such apps like Sound Hound, 7Digital and Tune in Radio which are already preinstalled by the manufacturer.


The BeatsAudio technology embedded inside automatically gets activated whenever you plug in your headphones into your HTC One SV. Moreover, the SV supports all of the Audio formats that include wma, mp3, wav and arc so you do not have to worry about those songs that are in different format sound.


HTC One SV may not attract the serious lovers of the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and HTC One, but is capable enough to cater a lot of you as it gives you all of the basic features in a good manner!

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