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Using LED Flood Light Bulbs, Lamps or the LED Cobra Head

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There are a lot of lighting solutions that are necessary for many different applications.  Each one will require a different sized light or a different type of light.  The LED cobra head light is a great option for wide open spaces, like parking lots or barnyards.

There are many different types of LED flood lamps that are available for each lighting solution.  If someone needs to light up the inside of a garage or the parking lot outside, they can do it with these lights.  The placement of the lights will determine how well-lit an area will be.  Some places require more fixtures than others.

Having lower energy costs and maintenance costs is also important.  The LED flood light bulbs are very durable and will last a very long time.  Many of them are exposed to extreme temperatures and other extreme conditions without damaging them too.

A lot of people will count on the LED cobra head because it does not give off any ultra-violet rays.  Most of them have the option of adding the photo cell for the dawn to dusk switch that will turn them on and off.  These do not take a long time to come up because of warming up or anything.  It is an instant on or off solution.

Other LED flood lamps can also be used for the same applications but not all of them have the dusk to dawn photo cell included with them.  They can be aimed in certain areas but it may require more fixtures to see the large areas.  There are a lot of different ones to choose from.

Each type of the LED flood light bulbs can be a different wattage.  Sometimes it is more beneficial to go with a larger fixture or bulb but not always.  If a parking lot has many places that are shaded from buildings, trees or anything else, a business may choose to get several smaller ones so that the whole parking lot can be seen quite easily.

Streets and other open areas can benefit from the LED cobra head because it will light up a very large wide-open area very easily.  Not all lights are great for large areas.  Every lighting option will have places that it will work better for and still save on the energy costs.

There are many different kinds of flood lamps that are used every day for many different uses.  A flood lamp will be able to light up large areas easily and provide enough light so that a person can see to get to their car or wherever else they need to go.  The LED flood lamps can also deter criminals from breaking into cars in a large lighted parking lot which is a very real possibility in many areas.

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