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Dual Lift Table for Lifting Heavy Loads

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Lifting and replacing heavy and bulk items is one of the herculean tasks faced by industries worldwide. Fortunately, the invention of table lift equipments made the material handling, raising and lifting hassle free and efficient. Today, the service of lift tables are highly recognized in various industries like construction, manufacturing, automotive, electrical, telecommunication, inventory management etc.

Single table lift and dual table lifts are the common models used for various lifting and raising purposes. Single table lifts are used to lift small tables and platforms, whereas, dual table lifts are used to raise larger desks, platforms, and other bulky materials. Since, dual lifts perform well in raising huge items; they are widely been used in industrial purposes.

Dual lifts have two lifting columns. Each column of the lift can lift up to 440 pounds; hence, together, a dual lift table can raise materials that weighted about 840 pounds. The capacity of these lift table varies depending on the model. A ready to use dual lift reaches the customer with a control box and a remote. All the lifting operations can be controlled by using the remote. As these lifts ensure a smooth and powerful operation, they are widely used in work shop, home, or office.


Hydraulic – The platform of the dual lift table is moved using one or more hydraulic cylinders. These are the most common type of lift tables and are very economical.

Pneumatic – These lifts operate using air bags or air cylinders. They are widely used in applications where specific intermediate elevations are not necessary. They are also highly economical.

Mechanical – These lifts use a screw to move their platform up and down. They are used in application where precise positioning is required.

Self Positioning – These lifts are capable of automatically adjusting the platform depending on the loads. There is no need of hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical power to control the operation. These lifts are used in places where consistent loads are handled.

Dual lift tables are one of the versatile products manufactured for the use of industries and home today. They can carry loads of higher capacity and allow the operator to raise and position products as per the needs. Moreover, they do the function of a TV lift. People use them to lift and position their TV to their comfort zone.

Use of dual lift tables helps to:

Ensure maximum safety

Increase speed of operations

Improve working conditions

Achieve greater efficiency

Avoid risks of material handling

Dual lift tables made the human labor easy and provided great relief to workers who are assigned with various lifting jobs. It saves lots of time and ensures safe and effective material handling.

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