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Things to Look for When Buying Food Concession Trailers

by fivediamond

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Surely, you have gone to a fair or concert where people were lining up in front of food concession trailers. These trailers can certainly be a hit in these events and it makes you wonder, can you run a business like that and make tons of money?


The good news is that anyone can buy concession trailers but the challenging part is actually running the business. But do be warned, the best people to run this business are those who like working outdoors and during events. If you’re someone who likes to stay cozied up in a restaurant, running a mobile kitchen is definitely not for you.


Buying the Mobile Kitchen


  • Design, Size and Layout. Before anything else, you must come up with a business plan. You must know what type of food you want to sell because concession trailers have to be customized according to your food service. Apart from the design, the size of your concession trailer will also depend on the type of food you plan to serve. You have to consider the amount of equipment, serving stations and the amount of space that the vendor can work with. Moreover, the layout of food concession trailers should be included in your business plan too.


  • Equipment. Considering that the concession trailers are where vendors do the storing, cooking, preparing and selling, you better make sure that you are fully equipped. Start by planning out the equipment you really need, maybe a freezer, fridge, deep fryer, meat smoker or stove top burner? If you can pick dual or multi-purpose equipment, that’s better as you can save space inside the trailer.


  • Brand New or Used. Choosing between brand new and used concession trailers will ultimately boil down to your budget or how much you can borrow from your creditor. If you can’t really spend much, mobile kitchen dealers can offer you used concession trailers that are actually reconditioned already.
  • Warranty


Whether you are shopping for used or new food concession trailers, the dealer should provide you a nationwide warranty. Do keep in mind that you’ll be taking your mobile kitchen to different places and often, far away from home. If something breaks, you need to be able to get it fixed right away without paying extra.


The success of your mobile food business will depend on your business plan, marketing efforts and how delicious your food really is. Also, the entire look of your concession trailer will add an enticing factor to customers too.



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