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Crystal Clear Future for Crystal Reports

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Each organization wants to present information and data in a simple, clear and concise manner. Along with answering the what, whys and how, the reporting also need to target several types of audiences. So many professional explore the right reporting tool to convey the information in the most effective manner. An organization also has options to choose from a variety of online reporting tools to suit its specific needs.

In comparison to other reporting tools, Crystal Reports is hugely popular among users as an advance and feature-rich reporting software package. Both advanced programmers and novice users love to use the functionality filled reporting tool to avail certain benefits. Regardless of your level of experience, you can use the simple wizards to make a variety of reports, and impress your clients with your knowledge and presentation skills.

As a specially designed software package, Crystal Reports comes with features that allow users to create advanced and details reports within a few minutes. It retrieves data from all types of databases directly, and uses the information to make comprehensive reports. Once you learn and understand a few Crystal Reports basics, you can use the simple user interface to create both simple and complex reports. However, you have to learn and use some of the more advanced functionalities to make more detailed and elaborate reports. That is where a Crystal business reports development team comes into picture. Let us first try finding out the top reasons behind this craze for Crystal reports.

Reasons behind the Huge Popularity of Crystal Reports

    • Connect to Any Data Source: Normally, a reporting tool retrieved information stored on a database, and use the data to create reports. So a developer often has to choose the reporting system based on the types and version of the database. But Crystal Reports enables you to make detailed reports by fetching information from a variety of data sources. Further, the end user can neither know the way the report is created nor modify the information presented through the report.
    • Reduced Coding Work: Many reporting tools require software developers to write lengthy codes to retrieve and present information. But the report layout and graphically design data connections provided by Crystal Reports makes it easier for a developer to make several reports just in a few minutes. You can use the designer interface to select and link tables from several databases, and eliminate the need for writing additional codes.
    • Option to Include Interactive Charts: The constant changes in the habits of modern people have made it essential for organizations to present the data in a stylish and interactive way. While creating reports, developers often find it a daunting task to target, and interact with several types of readers. Unlike conventional reporting tools, Crystal Reports offer certain features that make it easier for developers to create interactive reports. After fetching the information from various data sources, you can experiment with different formatting options. At the same time, you can easily incorporate charts and graphs to make the reports more interactive and engaging.
    • Convert Reports into Several File Formats: Each user wants to access information in a specific file format. Some people want to read the information in a document format, whereas others like the spreadsheet format. So developers have to convert a report into several file formats to meet the varying choices of their clients. Crystal reports has made it easier for you to export the reports programmatically into some of the commonly used file formats. Once you create a report, the same can be easily converted into several file formats including .doc, .rtf, .xls, .html and .PDF. The feature further makes it easier to post the reports on your website without putting any extra efforts.
    • Support for Major Technology Standards: The upgraded version of Crystal Reports allows user to make powerful report content in an object-oriented design environment. It also supports industry and technology standards like Object Linking and Embedding for Databases (OLE DB), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), and Extensible Markup Language (XML). So you can easily make reports that will support all types of operating systems and devices. The same report can be accessed by the users on their computers, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

If you are using web application using Microsoft Dot Net framework, you can avail the benefits of the report object model of Crystal Reports to make your reports interact with other controls. The reports can easily interact with several controls on ASP.NET Web form, and make it easier for you to use the form information to make robust reports.

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