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Buy Lipitor to decrease the risk of the diabetes mellitus

by grahamnilad

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In June 2003 the biggest medical company Pfizer Inc. announced the fact that its medicine Lipitor (which is needed for decreasing of the cholesterol in the blood) can decrease a lot the risks of the infarctions and strokes for the people who have problems with the diabetes mellitus.

The Pfizer Company had to stop the clinical investigation and tests (which have been carrying out for 4 years) to let its patients use Lipitor (some of them use the placebo). The clinical investigation and tests can be stopped by the companies but usually it happens when the advantages of the investigating medicine are too obvious so it is not even ethical to inform everybody publically about this fact.Latest blogpost: Buy Lipitor online to prevent the problems with the cholesterol.

There were 2800 patients which have problems with the diabetes mellitus of the second type (the patient doesn’t depend on the insulin). This type of the diabetes usually appears after the age of 30, and it is more widespread in the older groups. All these patients had a part into the investigations which were in Great Britain and Ireland.

Lipitor price is not too expensive and it is not too cheap at the same time. The profit of this medicine was about 2 milliard dollars in the first quarter. Lipitor is very popular medicines and it is known not only by doctors, but also but patients and their surrounded people. This medicine’s popularity exists owing to the ability to decrease the degree of the lipoproteins of the low density for 50%. These lipoproteins can provide the creation of the plaques in the blood vessels. And almost all the people with the diabetes mellitus have the problems with the blood vessels because of the high degree of the glucose in the patients’ blood.Social profile: buy lipitor online.

Difficult chemical combinations which include the glucose stay into the walls of the smallest vessels and as the result you can get the hurt vessels, whose walls become thicken and damaged. This fact can provide the high risk of the disease of the cardiovascular system. Lipitor is the representer of the statins’ class. There are other medicines but Lipitor is the most popular, effective and widespread.

Analysts of this industry noted that in spite of the fact that Lipitor and its analogs have a great number of advantages; it is difficult to try to persuade the patients to use these medicines, because their price is from 500 dollars to 1000 dollars. Also the patients use other medicines to control the level of the glucose in the blood.

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