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Boilers: Boiler and heating controls

by fenellasparks

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Buying an efficient new boiler is only the first step in saving money on your heating costs.

You can find the best boiler in our reviews area, plus discover more about boilers on the boiler features explained page.


Outdated heating controls waste your money


Hot water cylinder supplied by gravity-fed water - stored water is slow to reheat.

No cylinder thermostat - excessive stored water temperature and risk of scalding.

No cylinder insulation - heat is wasted through the surface of the cylinder.

No room thermostat - rooms are too hot.

Lack of thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) - excessive room temperatures and poor heating system balancing.

Absence of boiler interlock - the boiler stays hot and cycles unnecessarily during programmed heating periods.

As a householder, you might not notice these issues, but they'll be wasting your money in the long run.

Also, take a look at our page on boiler energy efficiency to find out more about how much an inefficient one could be costing you, and to work out if you need a new one.

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