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Top 5 iPad App Genres You Might like to Invest in

by anonymous

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Applications are just not applications today especially after the million dollar success stories. They are more of a money making factories that can help you get rich in no time. However, it is equally true that several iPad app developers fail every week for unknown reasons. Even after proper market research, quality development and tonnes of marketing, some apps just don’t work. Some people blame it on the genre. Market experts Rob Miller thinks that people tend to search for some genres more than the other. They will keep more navigation apps just to try which one is better rather than downloading something entirely new. Well it might not be correct for all the cases but is the way how market works to an extent. So what are the top 5 popular app categories amongst users today? Let’s find out.

1. Games

In these gadget times, we pretty much get bored with the world quickly and want something to rejoice. So what can be better than beating someone on high score levels and taking the frustration out. Users are always looking for interesting games and that is why iPad app development in the category is outstanding. Angry Birds is just an example of how a whole business incorporating merchandise and subscriptions can be created out of just a game. As an iPad app developer, you should consider this investment and business opportunity.

2. Navigation

Who would have thought that a handheld device would navigate through the busiest streets of the world? While it was still a distant dream, Google decided to work on StreeView and accelerometer technologies to come up with something entirely new. However, today there are tonnes of navigation apps that not only help you find the way but also destinations. From Chinese restaurants to nearby fitness centres, it is all available on apps. Still there is plenty of room for iPad app development in the category that you can utilize.

3. Utility Enhancement

It is probably the most economical section but a really powerful one too. There is nothing complex with iPad app development in the category but the idea has to be pretty unique. You only have to create an app that can enhance features of an existing phone utility. It can be the camera, ringtone or may be calculator. Who wouldn’t like to increase the power of their camera with an supplication? Think about it.

4. Learning Aides

You don’t really need the description on why such a category makes to the top 5 on our list. People are eager to learn new things ranging from guitar notes to a foreign language and there is plenty of scope too. You only have to include some free lessons and later ask them to subscribe.

5. Social Networking

iPad app developer should really study the opportunities in the categories. Users love their social networks and in fact the new Windows phones are all about it only. Though, iPad also has some cool features but you can improvise there too.

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