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Best Known Natural Home Remedies For Mastitis

by nixpolking

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Some nursing mothers could experience cracked and bleeding nipples accompanied with pain, burning sensation, fever and discomfort in the first few days of nursing. Mastitis or an infection of the breasts shows up as a reddish area around the fleshy part of the breasts. Mastitis could cover a small area or the whole breast region and generally antibiotics could help cure the condition. However home remedies for mastitis could also help relieve extreme symptoms.

Breast feeding mothers could develop fever going up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit, that could be accompanied with general body aches and chills. The best home remedies for mastitis, a breast infection lies in taking adequate rest and taking others help to nurture and care for you and the child till you recover. Most acute symptoms pass off within 24 to 36 hours, however it is best to continue taking antibiotics till the full course and not stop halfway.

Take advantage of home remedies for mastitis lying in applying poultices of comfrey leaves and calendula flowers 3 to 4 times in a day on the breasts. These poultices can be easily made with blending comfrey leaves and calendula flowers in a blender with adding little water and some flour to make a jelly like substance. This mixture can be stored in the refrigerator and used by putting in a cotton cloth and heating on an oven. These hot applications help to soothe not just the nipples, but also help to draw off the infection and unblock the tubes and ducts in the breasts.

Realize that home remedies for mastitis rest on continuing to breast feed with the infected breast even if you experience some discomfort. Using the poultice just before nursing definitely helps clear the infection and relieve pain. Nursing every 2 to 3 hours would definitely help. It is worth realizing that nursing on an infected breast would definitely not harm your baby as the infection exists in the area around the milk duct. The home remedies for mastitis resting on continuous nursing would promote long-term milk flow, emptying the breasts and healing.

It is also possible that mastitis or breast infection could be caused with clogged milk ducts. Home remedies for mastitis lie in relieving the clogged milk duct that is visible as a hard, tender and uncomfortable lump in the fleshy part of the breast. Fever and pain can be relieved with packing the breasts with heat before feedings and allowing the baby to nurse on the infected breast first. Massaging the hard spot to loosen the milk and unclog the duct while nursing could bring considerable relief in just 24 hours.

The last of the home remedy for mastitis rest on soaking infected breasts in an infusion of marshmallow root that proves to be very soothing and helps in the healing treatment of mastitis. This is done by putting 2 ounces of marshmallow root in half gallon of boiling water overnight. Then it should be reheated to almost boiling point and poured into a basin. Soaking ones sore and painful breasts in this infusion until it cools helps. That’s to the best home remedies for mastitis.

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