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Bouncy Water Beads for Decorating Your Ambience

by justartifacts

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Water beads are hydrating polymer basically designed to use in floral arrangements. They, when soaked into water, can swell half an inch and transform into slippery, bouncy and soggy water crystals. Water beads come in different colors that add a fresh look especially to flower arrangements and floral centerpieces. Moreover, the beads are non-toxic and biodegradable. They degrade into carbon dioxide, ammonia and water. Hence, they are safe and can be used for embellishing various corners of your surroundings. Here, are some ways you can accomplish the same.

Water beads in Garden

It is inevitable that a garden needs water. But, the only problem is that plants cannot drink the water fast. Hence, the water just drains down into the ground. In this case, water crystal is the cost-effective and a simple way to resolve the problem. The soaked water beads absorb water that can be beneficial in watering your plants without any wastage. They release the absorbed water to the plants over time and hence, plants can be supplied with sufficient amount of water of their growth.

Water Beads in Vase

The decorative water beads are available in various colors. The water balls can be placed into your crystal vase that will definitely enhance its beauty. You can choose a long crystal vase, put some water in it and soak certain amount of water beads in it. Once they expand, place different flowers along with some artificial glittery sticks in the vase. You have just created a masterpiece that will enhance your ambience. Place this vase against the light, and convert your ordinary vase into an attractive fancy artifact.

Water Beads in Centerpiece

Other than decorating vase, garden and fish tank, the crystal balls are perfect accomplice for your centerpiece. Whether it is the basket of fruits, candleholder or a bowl with fresh flowers, decorative water beads will work as natural beautifying agent. Even if you don’t have any centerpiece, you can create one with the help of various colorful beads. Take a glass of medium size, place water and beads in it. Let the beads swell. Now place tea-light candles and light it. The light that illuminate will create a dazzling crystal impressions.

Water Beads in Engaging Your Kids

This is probably the best use of water beads. Take a bathtub, and soak different colored water balls in it. Let them puff up. Now, engage your kids in separating each colored water ball from the group. In the meantime, you can complete your pending office or household work. The balls will engage them for a long time because, even if they separate the balls from the group, its slipperiness and bounciness will hold them to it.

Likewise, there are many other ways you can use the water crystal balls for decorating your ambiance. The beads can last for longer time and hence, you can cherish your decorating efforts for months to come. So, if you want to experience the bliss of water crystals, buy them from online artifact stores.

If you are planning to decorate indoors with water beads, buy them from JustArtifacts online store. It has variety of colorful water gems that will enhance the beauty wherever placed. They are affordable and last for long time.

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