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MRI guided HIFU Therapy: the new non-invasive treatment

by lifeuninterrupted

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Often women complain of heavy bleeding during period. That is quite often found among the middle ages women suffering from all of a sudden rise in bleeding. Sometime the bleeding continues for a comparatively longer time than normal time. It not only creates in convenience, it also affects the general health of the patient. The patient complains of weakness, and anemia. Ultra sound often confirms that fibroid in the uterus is the cause of the bleeding. Fibroid which is a benign form of tumor normally found in the middle aged women. It may also cause bleeding between periods. Often untreated in the primary stage as it does not show any symptom needs medical attention if the bleeding increases.

When a patient goes to a doctor with such complains the doctor advises for an ultrasonography to detect the cause of bleeding. If fibroid is found and it shows an increasing growth doctors suggest for treatment. At first contraceptive medication and iron tablets are used to reduce the bleeding. Doctors wait if the fibroid shrinks naturally. But if the process fails and the size of the fibroid increase medical practitioners suggest the traditional methods of surgery like myomectomy or hysterectomy. Both the process need as MRI guided hospitalization and post operative care. Very often women get scared from operation and it’s after effect. Often it leaves scars. So a new technology has come into surface which does not need any surgery. It is known HIFU Therapy. It is a new method which does not need any surgery. It is practiced in the outpatient clinic and needs maximum one to two hours of rest period.

This is a non-invasive medical process which is an alternative to the traditional surgical process. Here high intensity ultrasound ray is centralized on the fibroid tissues. Actually the ultrasound ray thickens the fibroid tissues and the heat destroys it. Doctors monitor the procedure through high power magnetic resonance image. More and more the method is gaining popularity as it has the minimum risk. As in the traditional surgical method there chance of internal bleeding and there is no need of blood transfusion. The process is less painful. There is a mild pain at the groin for near about 24 hours. Within one or two days the patient gets recovery and comes back to the normal activity of life. The process needs an excellent quality MRI machine to get proper image of the fibroid and to guide the HIFU therapy process.

Most of the doctors prefer to use Philips MRI machine to get the magnetic resonance image. A patient must be assured that fibroids are non malignant type and patient gets time to decide about the treatment procedure offered by the doctors. HIFU therapy is gaining popularity as it is not only creates post-operative complexities it also cost low than the surgical method. With all these benefits more and more women prefer the therapy to get rid of uterine fibroid.


Myself Deepak Sharma having keen interest about new & latest medical technologies for any diseases. Here present complete detail about Fibroid in uterus occurs in most of the women. So for this MRI Guided HIFU therapy is launched for treatment of uterine fibroid tumor

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