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Is the Cost of Treadmill Higher or Lower Than Elliptical Tra

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Many people are torn between treadmills and elliptical trainers when it comes to bringing home fitness equipment.  The cost of treadmill, the manual kind that is, is comparatively cheap and for that reason, they sell much more than any other home fitness gear.  However, most people also admit that these equipments ultimately gather dust as they lose motivation to work on them.  Therefore, the debate between treadmills and elliptical trainers is really moot if you do not work at it at all!  Thus, it is important to make a stern promise to yourself to keep working at it if you are going to buy any exercise machine.

The cost treadmills and elliptical trainer do not vary a great deal.  You may find that there are thousands of brands selling many variations of both at varying prices.  The choices available are enough to confuse the most practical minds.  It is better if you do not base your judgement on the cost factor as you may find that the cost of treadmills and elliptical trainers are quite comparable.  The choice should be based on your fitness goals and of course, personal choice.  Many people genuinely love to walk and run and many not being able to do so due to unfavourable conditions.  These kinds of people generally prefer the treadmill more.

When it comes to fitness goals the two machines offer different kinds of benefits.  While elliptical trainers offer a full body workout, the treadmill offers a wonderful training opportunity for runners.  Elliptical trainers work on your legs, arms, upper back and even on your core muscles if you know how to work it.  It is also said that the elliptical trainer burns more calories than the treadmill keeping other factors constant.  However, it is also important to know that cost of manual treadmills is significantly lesser than the elliptical trainer so if budgets are a constraint, a manual treadmill is a much more viable option.

Another important aspect is of course the personal choice.  The treadmill offers a much more familiar ground of practise as we all know how to walk and run.  There are no special techniques to use and anyone can do it.  The constant motion of the belt also helps push the lazy ones to keep on walking, while the elliptical trainer tends to be more forgiving.  The elliptical trainer on the hand offers a low-impact workout with better results and much better calorie burning capabilities.  The low impact means that older people or those with injuries can work on it without fearing more damage while availing a full body workout.  There are some treadmills too that have additional features like incline to push you more but the cost of those treadmills is significantly higher.

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