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Combine Movement and Music with a Kundalini Yoga DVD

by gururattana

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Maya Fiennes is one of the more popular contemporary Kundalini Yoga teachers today. This Macedonia-born artist and performer is the sister-in-law of actors Joseph and Ralph Fiennes. She has carved a reputation for herself as a teacher that hosts fun, inspirational and uplifting classes.

Maya was first trained as a classical pianist before she crossed over to the practice of yoga. In the 1990s, she played before diverse audiences like the United Nations Assembly and the British Royal Family. She had her own album titled “Cross of Silence” that was released in 1994. She followed it up with another CD titled “Mayaspace” in 2006, which fused Yoga mantras with her own music.


In 2003, Maya trained to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher. She had previously practiced all types of yoga for many years. She enrolled at the Karam Kriya School in London and trained under Shiv Charan Singh. She was given the name “Har Bhajan” during the naming ceremony. The name means praise the name of God, Divinity and Infinity through mantra and sound. It was the spark for Maya to begin teaching Kundalini using original music in her classes.


She incorporates her music into yoga through various mediums. She first launched her DVD in 2008 and followed it up with a TV production in 2008. Maya has released a total of 8 DVDs, including "Detox and De-stress" and the 7-part series "A Journey Through the Chakras", as well as three CDs, including "Kundalini Mantras," "Mayaspace, and "Mood Mantras." Maya also appears weekly on Fit TV in the United States, as well as on the Body in Balance network in the U.K. and Europe.


If you have wanted to try yoga for the longest time, consider purchasing a yoga DVD or CD by Maya from Yoga Tech. A Kundalini Yoga DVD can serve as the perfect introduction to yoga, as you can watch and learn how yoga works while listening to mantra music that suits your mood. Yoga Tech offers a Maya Fiennes Kundalini Yoga DVD collection that features 7 DVDs and 3 inspirational mantra CDs for only $99.95. Buy this special offer to find out why many are inspired to try yoga by watching Maya combine this practice with original and inspirational music. This collection, as well as numerous other DVDs and CDs about the practice of Kundalini Yoga, is available at

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