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Top10 & Most Popular Social Networking Sites may surpise you

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The Top 10 and Most Popular Social Networking Sites may surprise you


Most people consider Facebook and Twitter as in the top 10 social network sites for general interest globally.  However, today’s social networking is starting to lean more towards specific interests with people who want to connect with others who have similar interests and passions.


Some of the most popular social networking sites such as MySpace and Google Plus+ continue to gain members even with Facebook in the lead.  Some users have profiles on all of these sites because they offer different things.  But, it may be easier to find the sites that are more streamlined to you.


What some people don’t realise is that some of the top social network sites include more than just a friend-based, newsfeed type profile.  Many networks are coming out with more of a specific interest focus which enables you to filter out the rest of potentially unwanted information on your newsfeed.


Some examples of the categories in these popular social networking sites are movie and music social networks, business social networks, hobby and special interest networks, reading and book networks, challenge and debate networks, and even pet social networks to help you meet other pet owners.


One of the most recenttop social network sites to evolve is Pinterest with an estimated 85 million monthly users.  It seems that images are overtaking text to provide an online social diary of likes, interests and hobbies.  Everything from recipes to clothes to dream vacations are posted on this site.


Another popular network within the top 10 social networking sites is Deviant Art, the largest online social network for artists to share the work.  Created in 2000 with over 26 million members, it’s fast becoming one of the best places to not only showcase your art, but also browse artists’ work and buy it.


Social networks are not just for connecting with friends or indulging your hobbies, they can also be used for expanding your business network and finding a job.  One of the top social network sites for business is LinkedIn, where you make ‘connections’ rather than friends, and are able to profile your professional life.


With so many popular social networking sites to choose from, you could easily spend all day jumping from one to the next.  But it’s worth taking the time to find the sites that appeal to you personally; your personality, your tastes, your interests, and your hobbies, to make likeminded friends and connections.


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