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Avoiding Bad Design By Hiring An E-commerce Website Design C

by anonymous

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An e-commerce site with a bad design is almost as good (or bad) as a website that is not working. Landing pages that go nowhere, no-scent and generic links, poor navigation, clashing colors, and non-working buttons are just some of the most common design mistakes that could be avoided by hiring an experienced e-commerce website design company.

Why do people visit websites?

It might surprise you to know that some companies are clueless about the purpose of building a website. Just because everybody else is doing it is not a good enough reason. Some also think that getting a web presence will immediately boost their profitability without putting in the necessary work.

People visit sites because they a problem they want solved. But they don’t really know that you have a website in the first place if you don’t tell them. This is where the e-commerce website design company can help you. Optimizing the pages in your site will help improve your search engine rankings. Why is that important? Google or Yahoo will lead searchers to your site during the initial thrust, when nobody knows that you exist.

Poor content

Here’s a realistic scenario: a retail appliance store has put up a website utilizing Flash animation and Java for a more dynamic experience. Indeed, the navigation is clear, the products are properly sorted, and the photos are crisp. But the typical customer will compare products before making the decision to purchase. If you don’t include a detailed description of each product in your catalogue, they turn to Google instead. And what happens next? The search engine will drive them somewhere else based on the keywords the customers will supply. 

The Ecommerce Website Design India company may be able to help bring customers to your site through the search engines, but it is your responsibility to foster customer loyalty. A badly designed website has scant or no information at all as it tries to survive on flashy animations and useless decorations top prettify their pages.

Compromising the brand

More than anything else, a bad website design will reflect poorly on your brand. Bad spelling and wrong grammar, for example, will tell people that you run a sloppy operation. Poor navigation will force users to leave your site in frustration and there’s a 100% chance they won’t come back.  You can either ask the Ecommerce Website Design Services India with experience in SEO to supply the content for you or hire your own staff to do this.

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