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Some Fundamental Elements of Agent-Client Partnerships

by shanamillikan

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When manager Russ Herriott and Deadliest Catch star Capt. Phil Harris decided to collaborate, they made significant plans and goals for the career of the captain's sons, Jake and Josh, as well as that of the Cornelia Marie. However, with the untimely death of Capt. Harris in 2010 after five seasons in the famous Discovery Channel tv show, one might presume that this was the end of the line for the Harris brothers and Phil's fishing legacy-- but that's not the case. The Harris brothers remain to conquer the Bering Sea, with the enduring relationship between Russ Herriott and Capt. Harris' family that is based on the following components:


Respect is an important component of healthy relationships, whether they are between professional partners or couples. Shared respect means recognizing one another's opinions, beliefs, and feelings, which minimizes the chances of starting arguments or quarrels. For example, when Capt. Harris passed away, Herriott ensured that the wishes of the Harris family were carefully accomplished with few hassles.


Collaboration in agent-client relationships involves the sharing of plans and working together. At the peak of Capt. Harris' career, Herriott worked to supervise all necessary bookings and other financial investments that needed the attention of the captain. Presently, he continues to manage the captain's sons to further their careers.


When Russ Herriott of Sports & Entertainment International scheduled an event for the Harrises to attend, his clients were always present. In return, Herriott guaranteed the best exposure and publicity for his clients. From meet and greets to boat gigs, Herriott and the Harrises had one another's back.


Throughout the bumpy ride of their careers, Capt. Phil and his sons relied on Russ Herriott to put things back on the right track--which he did. If you simply cannot trust your manager to handle your career, then you should begin looking for a new one. Trust is very important in maintaining relationships and keeping the lines of communication open.

Relationships among managers and their clients are governed not only by shared dreams, but also of personal qualities that nurture great collaboration and mutual respect. To find out more, you can check out

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