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4 Types of Quality Dog Beds to Pamper Your Dog

by ellanlima

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Just like humans, pet dogs should have comfy areas to rest, relax, stretch, and sleep. The care that you give your pets must also include the facilities you are willing to provide. An ordinary mat will not suffice; dogs deserve quality comfort and safety custom-made dog beds can provide.

Classic Beds

They can resemble large or small versions of the large, four-legged beds humans own. Either way, classic beds are easy to make using simple materials such as denim, fleece, or perhaps microfibers. However, these beds have the tendency to be purpose-built for specific breeds of dogs; huge breeds necessitate bolstered beds to rest their head on. Still, classic beds are a practical solution for your dog's sleeping requirements and easy to customize, thanks to their numerous design and shape selections.

Donut Beds

Oval-shaped and typically very soft, these beds are excellent for dogs who want to curl up when sleeping. Donut beds usually have rims and edges to keep your dog from tumbling. The softness may be a big plus for most pets, but it may be bad for old dogs or dogs suffering from muscle or bone conditions such as arthritis.

Orthopedic Beds

A company that manufactures special dog carriers also builds orthopedic beds, which are designed for pets dealing with troubling joints and other orthopedic problems or dogs of the bony breed (e.g. Greyhounds). They are commonly made from large pieces of thick, medical-grade foam and are created to lower the stress caused on a dog's joints and bones when it sleeps.

Heated/Cooling Beds

These beds are mainly designed to supply added comfort during hot or cold days, but they can likewise have healing effects on some dogs. Heated beds, when built with orthopedic functions, can greatly reduce muscle and joint discomfort that old dogs commonly experience. On the other hand, cooling beds are beneficial for energetic dogs, such as bulldogs, that have the tendency to heat up very quickly.

As dogs are man's best friend, their needs do not differ much from ours. They also want a nice comfy place to sleep, which can be met by purpose-built dog beds. For other models of dog beds, visit:




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