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Why Hair Removal?

by juliascott101

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Young people, mostly women, delight in hair removal. I know that the statement implies masochistic characteristics among our young people, but I do not mean it the literal way. I merely pointed out their fascination with the concept of hair removal. I have known girls who would spend the whole morning primping in front of their mirrors, plucking their eyebrows and waxing their armpits and legs. And, mind you, that is just for their hair removal routines. I haven’t even gone to the making up and dressing up part yet. They are so committed in doing it every day you can classify it as a cult.

I just may be too old that I do not care for beauty routines anymore, but I remember that I do not the same enthusiasm for hair removal and beauty as a whole when I was younger. I am not saying that I do not have any beauty routines in my youth. I had several. They were just not as extreme as the kids’ rituals these days. It is amazing to note that our beauty enthusiasts start young. You can even see fourteen-year-olds giving make up and nail polish tutorials on Youtube. They seem to experts on the subject at a very young age.

How can something so painful end up at the top of every teenager’s--heck, woman’s--priority list? Simple. Humans are born to adapt. Hair removal has been practiced for so many years now that plucking the hair follicles one by one and forcing them out of the skin by waxing have become more than tolerable. Instead of searing pain, hair removal has become a dull ache. Tell me if I were wrong, but I myself can attest to it. I have not tried waxing, but plucking was a torment the first time I tried it on my eyebrows. Now, I can barely feel the pain.

Of all the beauty routines, hair removal does seem to be the most painful. However, if you ask the ladies why they do it, they always end up saying, “It’s all worth the pain.” Well, when you go right down to it, they are right. I am a woman, so I know. It is all worth all the physical pain if you end up being accepted in the society you belong to. To belong is a very important thing to people, especially to women. I mean, we do not go out in clusters for no reason, right?

After all, hair removal is just one part of the whole primping process. In order to achieve their idea of beauty, hair removal is just one step to make. Pain is irrelevant. We are all suffering from something. At least, this kind of suffering yields favorable results for women. Yes, favorable indeed. Who does not want beautiful and smooth skin, carefully plucked eyebrows, and hairless armpits? For men, that may not be a big deal--except for gays and metrosexuals, that is. But for the women, it is big enough a deal to ignore.

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