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Easy Tips on Developing iPad Applications without the Fuzz

by anonymous

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If the idea of iPad app development is bothering you of lately then it is probably the time to start working on it. You might like to work on the idea more but looking at the current growth of apps at Apple’s App Store, it would be better to get all the required tools and information before someone else gets a similar thing. The best thing about getting your own app is that you can do it alone or with a couple of other developers and designers, here’s how.

1.       Know your tools

Any successful iPad app development professional would tell you to begin with Xcode. It is the official development platform from Apple and can be acquired for free. You can play around it a bit to understand how things work and to get acquainted with some of the features.  Developers for iPhone and Mac OS can also learn a lot from here.

Tip: Unfortunately, Xcode works only on a Mac system but the good news is that you can do with a lower configuration system too.

2.       Know the language

The Xcode platform is based on Objective-C so you must have some basic knowledge of Java or C++ for iPad app development. In case, you have some issues then it would be better to get an eBook offering courses in these languages. Although, heavy applications require you to learn more on the topic, you can kick-start with simple apps. Other than that, you can also join some forums to interact with knowledgeable people. Also post questions for any problems you face with development.

3.       Know your competition

Your iPad app development idea might be unique but there have to be some similar apps in the market. It might be a good idea to check out some of these apps and pick the best of everything. See how interactive the apps are, what features they have to offer and what things you can use. You do not have to blatantly copy the concept but it can help refine the idea. The Graphical User Interface of iPad is pretty different with limited amount space for notifications, keyboard and address bar so you might have to design accordingly.

4.       Know the development program

Once you are clear with everything, it is time to register for the Apple’s development program. Before that complete the idea and see if you have included what all was required. The program would cost around $99 a year with full support on any of the programming problems. Enrol as an individual but if you own a company, documentation and all is necessary.

5.       Know the Hello world

Although not all might agree, we recommend that you wait for the core iPad app development. It would be better to create the Hello, World. It will help you avoid any serious mistakes in future. However, it requires developer’s certificate but the results are worth the effort you would put in. Once you are through that, creating an app would be simple.   

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