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Choosing Between Pitched and Flat Roofs

by missierice

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You're preparing to have a brand-new roof built but you're asking yourself which kind is better: a pitched roofing or a flat roof? The variation of angles that include pitched roofs provides residents so many choices to select from. Flat roofing systems have no or extremely little slope, and are readily available in single-ply, built-up and sprayed polyurethane foam varieties. Consult a reputable Ashland roofer to discover which choice is best for your home.


An angled roof offers better stability and drain than a flat roofing system. However, a flat roof can be an inexpensive and useful choice as the underlying roofing framework isn't as complicated and as tiresome to develop compared to an angled roof. Flat roofs are also characteristic of modern-day design, so if you want a modern search for your house, go with a flat roof.


The conventional pitched roofing is chosen by many residents. For one, it looks more cosmetically pleasing. For another, it provides a comfortable and homey feel as against the stiff, commercial look you commonly get with a flat roofing system.


Roofing systems require regular maintenance regardless if they are pitched or flat. Compared with pitched roofing systems, however, flat roofs require more upkeep in its life-span. Drain is often the problem with flat roofings, and without routine assessment, water that pools on the area can cause leaks and other damages.

Despite these drawbacks, flat roofs are more practical since they come at a much lower rate, and are simpler to construct. Also, regardless of the reality that they need more frequent maintenance, they are much easier to clean and take care of. They can also serve as additional usable area which is not practical with a pitched roof.

When you pick between these 2 roofing kinds, it's vital to consider the sort of structure they will be developed on, and the roofing material, resilience and efficiency. All these aspects will help you make an informed selection. Learn how to select the right Richmond VA roofers who can help you decide and who can do the right job from

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