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Create a Memorable Gift with a Photo Blanket

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Looking for a unique gift for people who are special to you can be quite tough. Now there are different traditional gifts like cakes and chocolates are common and are easily consumed. Flowers can only last a few days. While clothes are a good idea, you can never be sure whether they will fit or be appreciated. Jewelry, on the other hand is too expensive. So if you want to give a person something to remember you by, make it more personal with custom blankets. Photo blankets can be customized in several ways, especially now with the advances in technology. These personalized gifts that will be appreciated by kids, adults and even seniors.

At present, making a handmade photo blanket is not that difficult. There are a lot of cut-and-tie methods to create a fleece throw. First, select a fabric, and then cut it into the size you desire. Cut short strips as you go around the fabric's edges. Thereafter, tie them in knots. As a result, you get a gift, which is suitable for both kids and adults. Those who have a knack for it can quilt, crochet, or knit a blanket, which looks like a masterpiece. They can use their creativity in the fabrics, color combinations, and appliqués that they choose. These can make sentimental and lasting gifts that can be handed down to future generations.

If you want your custom photo blankets to look more personalized, you can have one large photo, or a collage of photos printed on them. Images should be of high quality so they will look better in the finished product. Certainly, your photo blanket will be a personalized gift that will always be treasured. Another way to customize a blanket is by including text in it. This may be a favorite punch line; a line from a song; a secret code between the two of you; a meaningful date; or even a surname.

While photos and messages give a more current look to a blanket, embroidery allows it to look charming in a classic way. Names, dates, messages, or meaningful graphics can be embroidered on the blanket. The size of blanket that you will give will have to depend on the recipient. Smaller blankets are ideal for kids while large ones will be more appropriate for adults that usually have king size beds. Materials that are best for blankets are fleece, alpaca, merino wool, and cotton, to name a few.

The costs of making a customized blanket can vary from affordable to price. The price usually depends on the type and the number of items added to the blanket. However, price should not be an issue if you are giving something out of the ordinary to someone extraordinary. Giving gifts like customized blankets are giving gifts that speak from the heart. They reveal more about the giver and they also show how special the recipients are. Not only this, they give an opportunity for these blanket designers to be resourceful and make the most of their creativity.

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