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Certain facts about cerebral palsy symptoms in children

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Recent reports have highlighted that many children worldwide are affected by cerebral palsy. It causes certain disability in the development of brain. Since cerebral actually means the brain, therefore, some areas of the brain are affected and the disorder sets in. However, there are other kinds of paralytic disorders which should not be confused with cerebral palsy.

The later sets in when the child is in the womb. In certain cases, it can also set in after the birth of the child until the age of three. The common cerebral palsy symptoms in children are with regard to   certain limitations. In addition, the limitations are with regard to movement of the child. The child also has problems related to maintaining proper posture, sensation and depth perception. There could be some problems related to sight. The child also faces problems while communicating with others or picking up skills.  

Research is being carried out so that children are not exaggerated by cerebral palsy at the time of birth. Certain developments have been made in the field of neonatology which has helped in curbing the problem to a certain extent.

Although there are several types and subtypes, there is hardly any cure. The treatment for mainly comprises of preventing any further complications in the child since cerebral palsy affects the muscle control as well as coordination; therefore certain functions such as standing upright can also be a problem. Other important functions such as bowel control and eating also becomes difficult.

Often the genetic disorder, health of the mother and infections are known to be the cause for cerebral palsy. Premature babies who weigh below 3.3 pounds are also known to be at more risk of developing cerebral palsy. Twins and triplets are also known to at a higher risk. Malnutrition, meningitis, lead poisoning is known to be the causes of cerebral palsy.  

Detection is usually carried out in the early stages by pediatricians and neurological specialists.  Doctors often monitor the children closely during birth to detect any kind of abnormalities in the child. If a child is unable to sit up by seven months or does not reach out towards toys or other colorful objects, then the baby should be screened for cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy symptoms can be prevented by ensuring a healthy pregnancy for the mother by maintaining a proper diet during pregnancy. A would be mother should stay away from substance abuse as much as possible. Periodic checkups of the mother by a physician will ensure a safe delivery.

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