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Origin of Pest Control and Importance of

by termitecontrol12

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Pest Control is process in which we control the pest, insect, termite and other type of insect and harmful pest. Pest control services Gurgaon provide modern technology to control pest and other harmful insect. Phenomena of pest control is started in china in 500 B.C.Its started for agricultural and home pest controle.In latter part pest control services is used in Big industrial houses like factory. Pest control Noida using modern instrument for pest control in noida Area.


These insect and pest are harmful for any home or industrial house. Pest control Gurgaon is well-known organization in pest control services in India especially in ncr region. Around 500BC the Chinese were using mixer of chemical compound of mercury and arsenic as a means to control body lice, a common problem throughout history. In 440BC the Ancient Egyptian's used fishing nets to cover their beds or their homes at night as a protection from mosquitoes and other types of insect which was harmful for body.

Pest control is now days using by farmers and householders and industrialist to this day.
There are also pest controls specialists many are one-person businesses and others work for large companies. In most country the pest control sector has been degraded by a some bad pest controle service provider who has downgraded the reputation and quality standard for the highly professional and responsible majority pest control service provider like In India there is rapid growth in business industrial houses so they also taking care of these cockroach and pest and termite.


It is not until the European era when more example of pest control
is stated in 1758 the great Swedish botanist and taxonomist Carolos Linnaeus
catalogued and named many pests. His experimental assignment was the pillar and source of future research into pests control. At the same time, the agricultural reformation began in Europe and heralded in the name of green revolution a more widespread application of pest control is used. With the work of Linnaeus and other research person and the commercial needs to ensure crops and home were protected from this harmful pest, pest control became more important and spread throughout the globe. As global business enhanced, new pesticides were discovered. And right now day’s modern technology is used in pest control.


 For Pest control and termite control in India, Termite control Gurgaon is started to help the farmers and industrial houses of Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and other ncr region. We are the certified Pest control services in this ncr region. We are certified from department of agriculture government of India.

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