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Responsive Web Design-A Preparation for Coming Decade

by billsmith1097

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The popularity of responsive web design is spreading rapidly as this process is able to adapt layout and content in accordance with the user's environment that comprises the orientation, platform and sizes of their screen. It is considered a good resource to build a site that works on different devices having varied screen sizes and is expected to work even on the devices those are yet to be launched.

Have a Glance over this Worthy Method:

  • Introduced in 2003, it is famous as the first attempt to access the basic functionality as well as content of the website.
  • It comes with an advanced version that is complete and better for Web Standards.
  • Website is created by offering optimal user experience via device, browser and feature-detection so that navigation becomes trouble-free irrespective of desktop, Smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Text content of the site does not appear too small even when seen on a mobile device and the pictures automatically are resized as per the resolution and screen size.

Paradigm Shifts:

  • If we start with 2011 so we can say that responsive web design was being considered an innovative approach but not people were yet to take it a standard design method.
  • Till the year 2012, responsive designing was accepted as a common standard in the web designing community.
  • By 2015, it is likely to become a standard. And, the site will would not be designed in responsive format is far behind the trend.

Fields Where Responsive Website Design is Highly Required:

  • Companies possessing online business will have to adopt it sooner or later. It is because most of the people choose to access web through their mobile device so they need to upgrade their website. And, who target younger people then also youngsters are adopting mobile browsing all over the world.
  • It seems a good option in the SEO (search engine optimization) term as if your site will be compatible on diverse devices so more users can access it. Definitely, it would help in improving the ranking of your site.
  • Magazines and e-newspapers are also going for it as they need to deliver content on the web that can be reformatted on varied devices.

Cost Perspective:

Responsive web design removes the hassle of building different websites for multiple devices as it is a technique to adapt the one website into multiple screens. In this way, it becomes possible for you to save a huge amount of money and time too. Other than this; you are able to make a website having persistent visual language and the same experience on varied devices. So, it turns to be a good medium to get a ubiquitous web presence at affordable cost.

Conclusion: This design puts you in win-win situation in all terms. You can save cost, need to create a single site for all platforms; there is no requirement of giving different URL’s for access and more. And, with the support of several devices and browsing compatibility, the possibilities of earning great revenues get doubled.

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