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Animated Twitter – a New Type of Social Media

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April 21, 2013 -- Los Angeles, CA -- You’ve seen them at trade shows, in store windows, on the front of buses and even in dingy liquor stores. It’s the ubiquitous scrolling message sign. Sometimes they blink, scroll, flash and change color, but in every case they’re powered by tiny, energy-efficient semiconductors called LEDs that are arranged in grids to form letters, words and symbols. 


In an effort to transform these message signs into what they call Personal Messaging Devices, four experienced entrepreneurs from Los Angeles are launching a crowdfunding campaign through a website called IndieGoGo.  Their funding goal is $30,000. The group plans on introducing a new form of social messaging by enriching them with features such as multiple colors, unique graphics, battery power, remote controllers and programming from an iPhone, tablet or Android.


Contributors to the campaign, called Boosters, Benefactors, Patrons etc., are considered 'associates', and are sent insider information, breakthrough notices and frequent updates on the progress and development of the project. They are additionally compensated with

'rewards' such as Flash drives, iPhone wallets, phone power cards and Personal Messaging Devices.

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The Message Fun Team consists of Dustin Steward, the team leader with clients like Calvin Klein and X-Games, Earl Brown, Steven Bonser and Ashlee Sack.    

To view the crowdfunding campaign visit and for

an example of a Message Fun sign go to 

Media Contact:                           
Earl Brown
Senior Advisor

Phone:  805-984-2925

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