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There's Plenty to Enjoy in Beautiful South Florida

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If you have heard the question once from friends and family who live in the heartland of America, you’ve heard it a thousand times: “You bought real estate in South Florida? What about the hurricanes?” And, it apparently doesn’t matter how many times you explain that you are aware of the storm dangers involved with living in South Florida and that you think that the advantages far outweigh the potential drawbacks, the next time you talk with them on the phone or visit with them in person, the same question is likely to come up again. The fact is, for those who have never experienced what South Florida has to offer, it can be difficult to understand.  

However, for those who have purchased real estate or are looking to purchase real estate in South Florida, the benefits are clearly limitless. First of all, there is the beautiful weather. Who wouldn’t want to live where the temperatures remain fairly constant year round and there is never a need to shovel snow? And because of the climate, landscaping your residential and business real estate is a snap. Flowers bloom year-round, citrus trees produce copious amounts of fruit, and the green, lush vegetation never withers because of a frost or the heat.  

Another advantage, of course, is the opportunity for recreational activities. If you like to golf, like to swim, like to waterski, like to jog, like to fish, like to play and/or watch baseball, like beach volleyball, like tanning, and on and on and on, then South Florida is the place for you. When you own real estate in South Florida, you are never more than minutes away from any of your favorite recreational activities. And again, because of the fabulous weather already noted, you can enjoy any of your favorite pastimes pretty much any time of the year.  

Finally, lest it seem as though the only benefits to South Florida real estate involve sunshine and play, there is also the very real financial benefit of not having an income tax and the fact that property taxes in many South Florida communities are some of the lowest anywhere. There are, of course, those areas in South Florida where property taxes are quite high, so you will want to work with your real estate agent to find listings in areas where that is not the case. However, for the most part, living in South Florida can be of extreme benefit to most people when it comes to finances.  

The next time a friend or loved one questions the advisability of purchasing real estate in South Florida, you can shake your head that they would even ask, again; or, you can take delight in the fact that you get to enjoy the benefits of beautiful weather, great recreational activities, and income tax-free living and invite them to join you.  

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