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Mistakes A Photographer Must Avoid While Creating Portfolio

by pixpadesign

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An online portfolio is a great help for a photographer, but there are certain things for which a photographer may get penalized and create a wrong impression. Let me ask, why would a photographer spend hours of efforts and a lot of money for something that will bring nothing but criticism? Well, if you are not careful, you may fall in these false positions. I have listed out some of the mistakes that you might make while making your photography portfolio and came up with some solution about how to get over them.

1. Making unprofessional portfolio sites
2. Using overdone flash websites
3. Displaying everything
4. Treating all your work equally
5. Picking a poor domain name

You are a professional photographer and you should focus on keeping your portfolio professional. Adding designs and footages of anime characters and superhero characters will not do any good, but will create more harm in the process. Opening a portfolio in third party sites like deviant Art will make the designs look so unprofessional and the competitor’s photos will be sitting beside your photos. The chances for being compared comes in.

Overdoing the portfolio website with flash is another thing that totally fails. First of all, remember, flash is not friendly with compatibility and there are hundreds and thousands of designs that do not support flash. Sure, flash looks very attractive and are very attention attractor. Too much of flash usage is very unprofessional and will decrease the load time of the website. On the other hand, flash is being replaced by a lot of new tools. So if you use too much of flash, the client will think that you are pretty old fashioned and will have yet another wrong impression about you.

Displaying everything is a poor idea. Not everyone is perfect. So do not think that all the photos that you are taking are all masterpieces. In your portfolio, only show the best photographs, and keep the others aside. You cannot afford to create a poor impression, by some mistakes that you have made while taking the portfolio. Always upload the best photos of yours in your portfolio.

You cannot treat all your work equally. Some of the works are a masterpiece, while on the other hand, some may be of pretty standard quality. So use the best ones for the covers and the less good ones as the contents inside.

Picking a domain name is quite a bit of a challenge. Not all website names that you have in your mind are not available. Many photographers use very long and unprofessional name to make a website. For example, a photographer names Steve Jones came up with an idea of naming the domain of his website as But he was disappointed to see that it was not available. So he came up with some weird names like This name is not professional at all. Use .net or .info or other extensions if required. Not using a .com will not hurt the impression of your website.

Pixpa is an online platform that helps you to create awesome portfolio webiste in order to showcase, share and sell your photography work.

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