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SEO India - Old professionals Love Old Tricks

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In newspapering, the concept of using old and familiar words is anchored on the idea that not all people possess the same level of vocabulary. When you pepper your website content with highfaluting and ostentatious words, there’s a good possibility that the keywords entered by your target consumers are flying under your radar. Keywords being used by professional SEO in India are filtered, sifted and extensively researched to match the main words being used by consumers in searching for a product or service.

Beginners’ mistake

Content littered with complicated words instead of simple ones will only serve to alienate your readers. Speaking the language of ordinary consumers is the primary guideline in boosting the chance of your online marketing campaign succeeding. When consumers search for the “cheap and skilled painters” for example, they don’t really type “bargain-basement and proficient painters” in the Google search box.

Using “big words” is a mistake that is typically committed by new writers. Companies that are tapping their own employees and designating them as content writers instead of employing SEO services in India that can deliver targeted keyword-rich content should also shoulder a bulk of the blame. Simple words are easier to understand and you leave little room for misinterpretation.

Better precision

Some providers of SEO India services are mainly a hit-and-miss operation. But using simple words will drastically improve their batting average. For instance, when you sell dog food, the online marketing company might use “cheap dog food” or “affordable dog food in Mumbai” or “cheap dog food delivery” in order to generate hits.

There’s a lot of science rather than guesswork when it comes to improving the precision of the keywords in your content. The bigger words are reserved for when the simple words could not do the job.

Product description

When marketers try to describe their own products, they tend to embellish with big words and use a lot of hyperbole when the opposite tack of playing down the exaggeration is more likely to generate traffic. But certainly customers who know nothing of your product will not use the same technical or garnished words as you do. They will stick to the basics like “best floor wax” or “cheapest laptops.”

Just because you think the word is boring doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. So don’t be surprised when the SEO services in India tell you to dial down the hyperbole, jargons, and legalese and technical descriptions. Simple words thrive for a reason.

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