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Two types of medical masks and their uses

by jacobstewart

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A medical mask is important in maintaining hygienic healthcare. Medical masks are present everywhere in a healthcare establishment, from the operation room and even in the general outpatient unit. These masks are mainly used to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and they also promote health and hygiene among individuals.

There are two types of medical masks available in the market today. The disposable medical mask is very popular and is especially useful during the flu season and also for medical professionals during a medical procedure. These masks can only be used once.

The reusable medical masks are washable and are practical to people suffering from severe allergies and asthma. These particular masks should be carefully chosen as they must be able to effectively filter out allergens like pollen grains, dust particles, fungi and even airborne bacteria. These reusable masks may also used in long distance flights where the passengers have to deal with many other people. Ensure that you thoroughly disinfect these masks before the next use so as to minimize the risk of infections.

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