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Learn to read the holy Quran with Tajweed

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Are you willing to learn to read Quran in a proficient manner? Then, the first thing that you need to hold your grip on is Tajweed as Quran learning is incomplete and incompetent without it.

What is Tajweed?

Linguistically, Tajweed means ‘doing something exceptionally well’. When applied to Quran, it refers to pronunciation of each alphabet in a correct manner, following the set of rules that apply in different conditions. While reciting Quran, it is essential to lay stress upon the characteristics of each letter, this is stated as ’giving rights and dues to a letter’. When Quran was revealed, Tajweed rules were readily applied to it. Tajweed has a set of specific rules that are compulsory to be used while reciting holy Quran.

Purpose Of Tajweed

The Quran is a word whose every syllable is from Allah. The purpose of Tajweed is to make the Quran reader well versed with the basics. Each alphabet is supposed to follow the right stress and pronunciation without any exaggeration. Every Arabic letter has a Makhraj.  Makhraj refers to an exit and articulation point, in the mouth as well as throat from where they originate. They also possess Sifaat.  Sifaat refers to particular attributes of letters. Knowing the exact attribute of a letter is very essential. This is because certain letters have same exits and this leads to mixing up of sounds. However, if one knows about their characteristics, the chances of error are negligible.

Tips for Quran Learning Through Tajweed

è Tajweed is a science that has being passed on to the generations not merely in the form of books and records but through teachers. Tajweed is a skilled art that requires guidance. Hence, it is not possible to learn it without the help of a proficient teacher. One can also take help of online Quran learning programs. These programs provide virtual training from skilled teachers.

è While learning Tajweed, it is important to listen to the Quran tapes. These tapes give a clear idea of how to recite Tajweed laying emphasis on sounds and pauses. Listen to the tapes daily and try to follow the same tone and melody as followed by the recite.

è Choose a set of books that you can follow for reference. Check the books for clarity and deeper study.

è Maintain a chart where you can note surahs,   mukhraj and sift learned on daily basis. Memorize them on daily basis to maintain the fluency and develop perfection.

Benefits  Of  Learning Tajweed

è According to the prophets, one who recites Quran melodiously without any errors is said to be in the company of noble and obedient angels. One who is less proficient and stammers while reciting Quran, is not considered fit enough.

è It is said that Quran is one of those holy books that leads one to paradise and helps in getting rid of evil thoughts and spirits. Hence, learning Quran helps in developing positive spirit and a serene aura.

è Once you learn Tajweed proficiently, you can expect yourself to see amongst the expert Quran recites. This makes you eligible to teach Tajweed   further, which is a noble deed.


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