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Improve Your Ear Training Skills Online

by andrerenaud

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As a musician and music teacher for many years, I have had many requests to perform the favorite songs of many music lovers. The genres of music requested has varied including pop, rock, latin, classical, country western, funk, blues, gospel, jazz, and many more. Usually, I can perform a decent rendition of the song if I have some or all of it in my head by memory. This allows me to play the desired melody, chords, tempo, timing and rhythm of the music. Many people observing me doing this have asked how I could possibly perform music this way without having musical notation or charts in front of me to read from. My response is simple; I play music by ear.

I am familiar with different types of chords, intervals, pitch, timing, and counting enough to be able to perform renditions of songs that will allow bystanders who are familiar with the songs to recognize them instantly. I wasn't always like this. Before online ear training existed at an online music store, I took piano lessons which helped me to have a strong musical foundation. My teacher helped me to become familiar with recognizing intervals (the distance between notes), chords ( the different types of notes played together), melody (the part of the song that is usually sung), pitch (how high or low a note is), and counting (the pattern of beats and rhythm of a piece of music). The ability to recognize all of these quickly allows a musician to have better skills for playing music by ear.

I was lucky. My parents could afford music lessons. With tough economical situations globally, this is not possible for many people who wish to play by ear and parents who wish this for their children. I have helped several in my spare time but this is of no use to those who I don`t have time for or live in distant parts of our world. However, I do have a solution to this problem.

Online ear training can be found at an online music store. This will provide all of the training that is stated above in addition to much more at prices that are affordable for everyone. This does not even include all of the free stuff that is sent with it. Instead of going to an overcharged half hour weekly lesson, the instantly downloadable or deliverable lessons can be used as many times as you desire. I suggest practicing with the lessons as often as possible to improve your skill level. Before you know it, you will be playing your favorite songs for all of your friends and family. They will be very impressed when they can name a song title then hear you perform it without any hesitation. This works great for singalongs during special occasions, holidays, and parties.

It has never been easier to play music by ear than it is now, thanks to the internet and great training. If you practice frequently, you will be taking requests and entertaining yourself and others very soon!

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