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How to Select International Courier Company

by Jameshorncastle

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Selecting a proper international courier services depends upon many factors. It is also relevant that the same international courier services may not be the right choice for each of your parcels or deliveries. And if you have a large number of deliveries to be made to different destinations on a regular basis to international destinations, then probably, you would either have a number of international courier services with staff appointed to maintain communications with them, or you would pick an intermediary like to handle management, negotiations, follow-up, and options on your behalf.

However, even if you engage the services of an intermediary like for dealing with major international courier services, you would still have to select particular international courier services for particular parcels. An intermediary would help, in that you would always have quick answers to your queries, and may not have to wait 48 hours for an e-mail response, or wait on the phone for 15 minutes before customer service can be free to attend your call. This is one of the best points of dealing through intermediaries, and of course, cost-benefits in terms of time, money, and worries matter too.

To send a parcel to an international destination, the selection of the international courier services depend upon the following factors:

  • Reputation of the company

  • Whether the company has direct service at the destination or operates through intermediaries

  • Who gives the maximum coverage on status tracking, because in most international destinations, tracking becomes impossible when parcels are in the hands of third party delivery systems

  • Costs

  • Importance of the parcel in terms of its contents or significance: this helps to trade off between costs and premium service

  • Who provides proof of delivery on a regular basis, and whether proof-of-delivery would be sent to your home, or you would have to go and collect it from somewhere

The points above are the principal considerations when choosing international courier services. Another two points I missed out are:

  1. The level of packaging guidance or service available

  2. Who carries the kind of content you are sending

Usually, information on the last two points and detailed instructions are available from go-betweens like, and so, I did not include them in the list of principal factors upon which to choose suitable international courier services.

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