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Top 5 WordPress Development Mistakes You Should Avoid

by anonymous

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Today 55% of the 1 million most visited websites that are run on a content management system (CMS) are run on WordPress. WordPress is the finest CMS and is very stable and easy to use, but so are Joomla and Drupal. WordPress is a free open source blogging platform that everybody likes because it supports multi-users and multi-blogging. Users can download plugins and widgets, which are available free on WordPress community portals, to enhance the functionality and user-experience of the websites or blogs they author using WordPress.

When launching a website, you can often forget a number of things in haste to launch the site sooner, which makes the site prone to errors and subsequently get penalized in Google search rankings. So, it is useful to have a checklist to look through as you make your final touches and before you announce your website live and open to the world.

Let us take a look at the top 5 mistakes that new WordPress authors/bloggers can make while working with WordPress website.

1) Slow Website Loading Time:

One of the key issues which will displease your visitors is the web site loading time. If there are many plugins and widgets loaded then you might face this error or if your net host does not provide quality hosting services or you are running on a shared hosting where you don’t have a lot of features enabled. If you're facing such problems, it’s high time to get rid of all needless plugins and obtain a better net hosting for your blog. Now a days there are many WordPress certified web hosting companies who provide you with one click hosting for WordPress and they make the installation easier and quicker. That way you can avoid this issue of WordPress installation if you don’t have too many customizations to be done.

2) White Screen of Death:

Almost 70% WordPress users have faced this error. It happens when PHP resources are broken down and browser shows a white screen without any error. Major reasons for occurrence of this error can are: Theme is broken, Use of Incompatible Plugins, Leaving an extra space in wp-config.php. To avoid this error, we use premium themes. Premium themes are best if bought off the shelf. However to have specific features which you love to have, it is often best to hire a developer from a certified Wordpress development Indiacompany. That way you ensure the themes are compliant with latest HTML CSS standards. While checking with the vendor you researched and found, ask him for his past projects and have a look at the items specifically which you want to build and if they have an expertise in that area.

3) Database Connection Errors:

Most of these errors appear at least once in your blog/website setup process. Database connection errors can occur due to a corrupt database or if blog is unable to create a database connection. You can get rid of such errors by checking and fixing the issues in your MySQL Databases. Creating MySQL database for a simple theme is easy. However, if you intend to create customized forms, you might need to have customizations in your MySQL database. A perfectly tuned database would help you remove the performance issues with the database.

4) Your Site is De-Indexed:

So this is a minor mistake that anyone can do but the result of this minor mistake will be catastrophic. In WordPress there is an option to keep blogs “Private”.

People use this option because they don’t want to show their private information with search engines. But if you are seeking for web traffic and you haven’t gained it then you might check out if your blog setting is set to Private or not.

5) Wrong Sidebar Widget Placements:

Many bloggers suggest to keep their blogs straightforward and simply accessible. By adding some lovely sidebar widgets which enhances the lucidity of your website’s content flow, you can pep up your user engagement on the website. If you wish to feature sidebar widgets in your WordPress blog then you should add widgets which are absolutely necessary and not just because they are available :)

There are vendors who provide full range of services including WordPress design, development and consulting. Weigh between vendors and judge them based on their extensive expertise in implementing WordPress as a content management system, building integrations and designing and developing custom themes and plugins.

If you need Wordpress Theme Customization or you would like to know what makes us Expert WordPress developers , please contact us at Mindfire Solutions. We will be glad to assist.

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