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Arm Liposuction Surgery Helps to Attain Toned, Beautiful Upp

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Arm liposuction surgery is very popular these days and many people choose it for removal of excess fat from the upper arms. Arm liposuction helps to attain well-contoured and slim arms that are proportionate to the rest of the body.

Who Is the Right Candidate for Arm Liposuction Surgery?

The procedure is very suitable if you are not obese, and have flab in the upper arms which doesn’t respond even to serious dieting and exercise. However, you should maintain realistic expectations when it comes to the surgery’s outcome. To know if you are the right candidate for this procedure, consult a plastic surgeon. The surgeon would perform a thorough medical examination to determine whether you can undergo the surgery.

You may not be advised to undergo the surgery if there are any contraindications. Some conditions such as lung diseases, clotting disorders, bleeding disorders, diabetes, heart disease and allergy are considered contraindications.

The Arm Liposuction Procedure

Cynosure’s Smartlipo Triplex device is utilized for removing excess fat from the arm. This technology has got approval from the FDA and is very safe, precise and effective. After anesthesia is administered, a small cannula would be inserted through the incisions that are made for the purpose. This cannula carries the laser fiber that delivers laser energy to melt the fatty cells. The liquefied fat is extracted without causing much discomfort or pain to the patient. An additional procedure known as arm tuck may also be used for tightening any inelastic or loose skin. Usually, the procedure takes a couple of hours for completion. However, if you are planning for additional procedures such as liposuction or breast enhancement, then the time required would be longer. Remarkable results are offered for skin tightening. There is limited scarring and so; this is a more preferable technique than the traditional one.

The cost of the procedure is determined by various factors such as:

>> The body area to be treated and the amount of fat to be removed
>> The type of anesthesia
>> Location of the plastic surgery center
>> The qualification and experience of the plastic surgeon

Apart from the cost of procedure, various things have to be paid for such as prescription drugs, medical tests, surgical garments and others.

The Right Plastic Surgeon Should Be Chosen for Effective Results

For getting the best results from arm liposuction surgery, the choice of plastic surgeon should be made wisely. Always ensure that you are comfortable with the environment as well as the physician. A reliable surgeon would give all the important details of the plastic surgery and would help you take an informed decision.

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