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How To Use The Mac Notes Application For To-Do Lists

by JaysonAdams

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The Mac Notes application can make your Mac life incredibly easy—if you know how and when to use it. One distinct benefit of Apple's Notes application is that you can use it on your Mac computer, iPad, or even your iPhone. Type your Note just once and it will sync with all of your other devices, which makes it a convenient way to turn your Notes into to-do lists whether you're at home or on the go.


One great alternative to the Mac Notes program is Circus Ponies NoteBook, a sophisticated organization system that keeps track of your documents, including spreadsheets and email messages. NoteBook features a design that looks like an actual spiral-bound notebook, which makes it familiar and easy to use.

If you're using the NoteBook or Notes program on a Mac computer, you can include web links or even attachments. These are great tools for tasks on your to-do list that involve additional internet research or documents.


If you're using a Mac for email, you can easily create a Note by clicking on the New Note button in your email window. Then, the Mac opens a new Note for you. After you've reminded yourself to "Clean out my car" or "Make a dentist appointment," you then have the ability send your list to yourself in an email message or as an attachment. You can even customize your list as if it were a handwritten list with features that enable you to highlight and even change the font colors of items on your list. If you don't add a title for your list, the application will automatically use the first item of your list as its title.


Besides the features available to Mac Notes and NoteBook users, standard features, such as copy and paste, are also available. Some people find it convenient to copy text from an email message and paste it into your Notes or NoteBook program. From there, you can convert it into a to-do list and email it back to yourself.


Unlike the bundled Notes app, NoteBook is great for taking notes in a meeting. It's built-in outliner makes it easy to take structured notes, and the voice recorder captures all the audio from the meeting and syncs it to your notes. Got some action items? With NoteBook you can turn any note into a to do, complete with checkbox and due date, and have it appear on your calendar.


The Mac Notes application, as well as NoteBook, can help keep your notes organized. For example, you might want to keep a folder for household to-do lists and another for your work to-do lists. Even better, create a "honey-do" list for your spouse and email it to him or her. With all of these handy tools available to Mac users, you and your significant other will have no excuses for not getting those to-do lists checked off.



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