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The Need For Ethical Hacking

by anonymous

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The world has been blessed with many path breaking inventions over the last 2 millenniums and more but none has touched human lives so closely as the computer. Over and above that, considering the fact that the computer is a fairly recent invention (it is not even 100 years old) it's contribution to human civilisation will forever be understated because no praise is quite enough as far as the contribution of the computer is concerned. Another big reason why the computer is now an absolute necessity at the work place is because it has kept evolving and set the trend for all new innovations that have taken place in corporate offices in the world. Nowadays, computers are as much a part of organisations across the world as it has ever been and almost all facets of corporate work is now done using the computer.

Now, it is a natural consequence that just like the thieves who used to attack office buildings, computer networks are also under constant threat from hackers who try to bypass the security filters and get into the treasure trove of information that is stored in the networks. It is a constant menace which causes organisations to be on their tenterhooks all the time considering the sort of damage that hackers can do. The modus operandi of a hacker is to find out loopholes in the computer network's security filters and then infiltrate it so that they can do whatever they want with the date. Hackers have wiped off entire databases, stolen personal information or even simply caused a complete IT breakdown.

As the reader can see, keeping strong security softwares is not the only solution to this menace but it can be easily tackled by ethical hacking and its effectiveness has been proven beyond doubt on many occasions. Ethical hacking involves the infiltration of the computer network by hackers who are either reformed or those who hack into systems in order to keep it safer. In the same way intelligence agencies hire forgers, ethical hackers also do the wrong thing for the right reasons. Once an ethical hacker starts working on a network, he tries to infiltrate the network using all possible tricks in the book so as to find out the exposure of the network to potential threats. As soon as the test is done, the hacker supplies the report to the security experts, who in turn plug those gaps in the network so that the system can become as close to impregnable as possible.

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