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Chardham yatra: How to travel if you are a patient?

by Abhinav

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If you are a patient of some disease and are planning a trip to chardham, then you will need to be doubly cautious. This yatra is already very challenging even for the youths & the disease-free people. The geography is unfriendly, the weather is not salubrious and the dhams are difficult to access. So, if you have some disease, then your difficulty increases multifold times. But life is not about hardships! It is about how you overcome the hardships and come out triumphant. There are many tour agents who offer budget chardham yatra packages and also essential assistance to pilgrims of all kinds. Therefore, you can be assured that you will always get help when you are in need.

Nevertheless, you must not make the journey without taking a look at some of these precautionary measures:

i. Get a full health checkup: Before you begin your yatra, you must get a full health checkup. It is a precautionary move which would tell you your exact physical condition. If the checkup shows that you are not in a good shape, then you must not risk taking the journey. It is advisable that you ask your doctor about it. If he gives you the green signal to make the yatra, only then should you start to pack. In case, he doesn’t give you a certificate of clearance, then you must try to get healthier for the next year.

ii. Get your fitness levels up: While going to the chardham yatra, you are also required to get fitter than you are presently. Even if your health is alright, your fitness may not be up to the mark. You can easily check this on your own. Try climbing the staircase of a high-storey building and see if you manage it easily or whether you begin to lose your breath! In case you get wearied and breathless, then you must start some sort of an exercise regimen to improve upon your fitness. During the yatra, you would need to do a lot of climbing. So, if your fitness is not high, then you would begin to get tired and out-of-breath very easily.

iii. Carry all the medicines: Even if you have got a fitness clearance from your doctor, you must not get complacent. The pills or capsules which you consume on a daily basis must be brought in adequate amounts till the entire journey gets completed. Do not come with the mindset that you would buy the medicines from the local place. These areas are not very well-developed and medical shops are few & far! Plus, you may not get the exact medicine you need. So, you must carry your medicine kit without fail.

iv. Get escorted by someone: It goes without saying that patients (whether young or old) must not travel alone. In the high altitudes, due to fluctuating temperatures & air pressure, you may turn dizzy or develop some other problems. It would be necessary that you are escorted by someone or your entire family during the chardham yatra.


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