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The different uses of HID lights

by jessicacoleman

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HID lights (High-Intensity Discharge lights) are bulbs powered by electrical gas discharges. It produces light by starting a reaction between gas and metal salts. The reaction is sparked by two tungsten electrodes encased in a transparent alumina tube. The reaction between the gas and the tungsten electrodes serves as a catalyst for the electric arc to spark and heat up the gas and metal particles thereby forming plasma. Plasma emits higher intensity light compared to incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs due to the greater amount of radiation in HID bulbs. The radiation that comes from HID lights is emitted in the form of visible light as opposed to greater latent heat which is the case for incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs.

Because of its ability to outperform normal light bulbs without using too much energy, HID lighting is often used in large public areas such as grocery stores, movie theatres, gymnasiums, and even indoor gardens that require a greater light intensity. There are many other applications of HID bulbs especially in current time some of which will be discussed here.

Commercial Use

HID lighting is often used for commercial purposes such as in supermarkets and outdoor activity areas that require intensified light in order to fill in large spaces with maximum visibility. Gas stations among other stores that open at night also usually use HID bulbs in order for them to be seen by automobiles driving nearby.

Indoor Gardening

HID lamps are perfect for indoor gardening activities. Because of the intensified light plasma produces, it can serve as an alternative for sunlight in order for the plants to undergo photosynthesis. The light produced by HID lamps can be compared to the amount of UV radiation produced in the tropics which is why HID lighting is used by indoor gardeners throughout the globe.

Automotive Lighting

Another popular application of HID lighting is the automobile. HID bulbs have been used for automobiles since the 1990s and were first installed on the BMW 7-series. Since then, European and Japanese car makers have adopted to the use of HID lighting for headlights as opposed to halogen lamps. HID lamps can also be retrofitted onto headlamp mounts originally intended for halogen bulbs. However, HID headlights can cause glare because of the insufficient UV-blocking properties of the bulb housing.

Deep Sea Expeditions

HID lamps are important tools for deep sea divers whenever they trek uncharted and treacherous waters. The light produced by HID lighting equipment can make the deepest and darkest spaces underwater become visible. It provides them the vision they need to observe underwater creatures that live beyond the reach of sunlight.

These are just a few of the many other applications of HID lighting. While it is seen as an effective tool for most situations, always make sure to place it in a container with enough UV-blocking shields. The plasma produced inside HID lights can emit significant amounts of radiation that can hurt human eyes or skin. As such, always wear the proper protective gear when dealing with HID lighting.


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