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The Best Of Both Breeds In A Cava Chon Puppy

by Matthewsteven

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Cava chons are a dog mix between two of the most loving breeds in the world. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. Together, they produce a puppy that is smart, friendly, loving and loyal to their owner. If you are looking for cava chon puppies for sale, you have made a great choice. They are easy to train and get along with everyone including other animals. They are a great breed for kids or they can make a great companion for an older person as well. Because of their small size, they do well in apartment living but do require daily exercise. A quick walk or a romp in the backyard is all the exercise they really need. They are a fairly quiet dog unless someone comes to the door, then they will let you know that you have a visitor. Most cava chons will have a white coat with a little brown or peach color on the face or ears. They have a strong skeleton and muscular frame. They are people pleasing dogs that do best when they have someone who is often around. They don't like to be left alone for long periods of time. If you are planning on leaving your dog home alone all day, you may want to consider a different breed altogether. Because cava chons are fairly small, you can usually take them with you wherever you need to go. You can buy a dog carrier that you can easily carry over your shoulder like a purse. Your dog will love being with you as much as you love being with him.


When you start looking at cava chon puppies for sale, it's important to consider the costs that will be involved in owning this breed. They require frequent combing and grooming to keep their fur from matting. Believe it or not, this breed actually likes to be pampered so taking him or her to the groomers should not be a problem.


Looking for any kind of puppies is a fun process. Let's face it, puppies are cute. Whether you are looking for Cava chons, yorkies, maltese or teddy bear puppies for sale, you are sure to enjoy having a four legged companion at home. Be sure to take your new pup to the vet for all of it's shot as well as to be spayed or neutered.


To find Cava chon puppies for sale, check online or your local pet store. Find the puppy that is right for you and your family.


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