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Elude the Problem of Alcohol and Drug Abuse at Work with DOT

by hugholdham

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If an employee is drunk or under the influence of drugs at work it affects the workplace environment in a negative way. This not only affects the environment, but also triggers a sense of insecurity among other employees because there’s always a fear of any kind of miss-happening done by the abuser. This can even lead to verbal abuse, fights, damage to property, and the company may have to suffer loss of productivity as well.


Due to their habit of addiction, the employees not only damage their workplace, but also ruin their own life. Being addicted leaves them alone and in the end there’s nobody to take care of them, or even spend some time with. Moreover, because of addiction, they also suffer huge financial losses. And this may also affect their behavior in the workplace. Therefore, most people try to stay away the drugs and alcohol, at least during work hours. But still, some people use alcohol and drugs in the workplace.


Hence, in order to take care of this and to help reduce accidents caused due to the use of alcohol and drugs at work the US DOT has mandated the owners of transportation companies to make their supervisors of drivers to take the drug and alcohol awareness training. This will train the supervisors to detect the alcohol and drug abusers in their workplace and determine if they need to undergo testing.


DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department has prepared the Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online and live course. It is the most comprehensive program, which covers all the necessary topics in detail according to the DOT regulations. Both online and live programs cover the exact course material and are offered in English as well as Spanish.


After taking the Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online or live course supervisors will be able to confidently confront the alcohol and drug offenders in their workplace and make them undergo testing if necessary. By doing this they will not only support their company, but will also help the accused to recover from his problem of addiction. Moreover, if a drunk driver is not driving a vehicle or an employee who is under the influence of drugs is not doing safety-sensitive job, the chances of accidents will be reduced.


The tests that are conducted in order to identify the drug addiction, of an employee mostly include a breath alcohol test or the drug testing consortium. It is advisable, to do these kinds of checkups regularly after short intervals in order to keep a check on the employees. Sometimes it happens that a person using drugs may not be aware that he is already addicted or getting addicted to it. In such a case a supervisor trained at DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department can identify his condition and suggest him to take a reasonable suspicion test to confirm his level of addiction and determine if he needs to undergo treatment or not.


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