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There is no doubt about it - hardwood floors are arguably the finest floors you can have in your house. A lot of good things can be said about hardwood floors. Not only do hardwood floors feel cozy and welcoming, they also retain much warmth in the cold months. Wood flooring Charleston SC brings an opulent, rustic quality to a house. A house with hardwood floorswill sell at a higher price than a house with an ordinary floor. Nevertheless, as good as hardwood floors Charleston SC might be, they are susceptible to a number of issues that can diminish their appearance. As a homeowner, it is important to know how you can deal with these issues so that you can enjoy your hardwood floor for a long time.


Perhaps the most common complaint from people with wood flooringin their homes is fading. Homeowners get concerned when their floors' original color begins to fade. Fading is something that is bound to occur with time as hardwood floorsage. However, constant exposure to direct sunlight seems to hasten the fading process. You will notice that areas of the floor close to windows tend to fade faster than those areas further away. To prevent this from occurring in your house you may install drapes on your windows to reduce the amount of direct sunlight. You can also use a carpet to protect your wood flooring Charleston SC. You may not like the idea of obscuring your beautiful hardwood floor with a carpet but as you might have noticed, a wooden floor covered by a carpet seems to maintain its original appearance much longer.


The natural luster of hardwood floorscan also be lost as a result of friction. You will dull your floor if you have a habit of dragging heavy things like sofas and tables. Even the wheels of swivel chairs will leave a mark after some time. It is thus important to avoid dragging objects across the floor. Frequent foot traffic also erodes the surface of your floor. You can deal with this issue by placing small carpets in places like hallways that see the most foot traffic.


Another common issue with hardwood floors Charleston SC is warping i.e. where floor panels bend out of shape. Warped floor panels are ugly and they wear out faster. Humidity is the main cause of warping. You will notice that floor boards in areas with a lot of humidity such as bathrooms are more likely to warp. The best way to protect wood flooring Charleston SC from warping is to ensure it doesn't come into contact with water. Wipe off any water that spills on the floor without delay because if you let it sit there for a while it will be absorbed into the floor and eventually contribute to warping. Flower pots that are likely to leak should be placed inside containers that can trap the water.


Your floor might begin to creak shortly after installation. When you walk on it you may notice some floor boards sinking into the ground. These problems are caused by inadequate preparation of the floor prior to the laying of the boards. There isn't much you can do to remedy this other than call back whoever did the job to come and rectify the problem.



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