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7 shocking facts you must know about ancient Egypt

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Egypt is one of those places which are smeared with myths, mythology, legendary tales and historic wealth. It is also one of those truly enigmatic countries whose many secrets still lie undiscovered and non-deciphered. When you go for an Egypt trip, you would come across landmarks which are not only unique in their designs but are also laced with apocryphal tales and amazing stories.  It is always interesting to know a bit about the places you are visiting. And when these facts are fascinating as they truly are, then you wouldn’t wish to end your holiday anytime soon.

Here are some mystifying and amazing facts about Egypt’s ancient past:

  1. In the ancient times, the country was quite hot (and it is still so)! But what stands out is the fact that in the past the children would not be clad. They would run about naked and were clothed only after reaching adolescence.
  2. During your Egypt trips, you would come across pyramids and tombs reminding you of the Pharaohs. One interesting thing about them was that they would always keep their heads covered with a special head gear. As per the custom, a Pharaoh was not to reveal his manes to his subjects!
  3. This third fact may come as a shocker to many, and many would even protest against this mode. But the king named Pepi II devised an atrocious way to keep away flies & mosquitoes. Several slaves were positioned all around him with their naked bodies covered with honey. This was done so that the flies would be attracted towards the honey and Pepi II would be able to sleep peacefully. Your tours to Egypt would open your eyes to many such shocking facts.
  4. Your Egypt trip would bring you before the mighty Sphinx at Giza! Now, if you notice carefully, you will observe that its nose has been dislocated. It is not certain as to what led to its dislocation! But it is believed that Napoleon was responsible for it.
  5. In the ancient age, the Egyptian women were considered at par with men in matters related to law and economics. This is strange given that most Middle East countries during those times would treat women as inferior to men.
  6. Another grotesque fact coming your way this time! When the process of mummification was carried out, the dead person’s organs would be taken out and preserved securely in a special jar. Even the brain was extracted out through the passage of nose! Interestingly, the heart was spared. There was a common belief that the heart was where the soul resided. So, the body would be mummified after removing all the organs save the heart.
  7. During your Egypt trips, you would have to apply sunscreen and other protective lotions. The ancient Egyptians did the same and were very fond of makeup. They, however, not just applied makeup for beauty or protection purpose, but they treated it as a form of medicine with healing powers. 

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