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Reasons Why An Explosion Investigator Might Be Called

by liyo89

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An explosion investigator may seem like a job from the movies, where a fearless hero is required to disarm bombs on a moment's notice. However, the real job of a person who investigates explosions is actually something quite different. While there are rare cases of bombs, most often an explosion is the result of something failing to work properly. Mechanical and electrical systems can be very complex in a wide variety of situations, ranging from industrial plants to airplanes and other forms of transportation. Because of the destruction caused by an explosion, a professional fire expert will need to be called in to put the pieces back together and understand exactly what went wrong.



Experts in fires and explosions can enter into a case for many different reasons. The obvious one is to determine who or what is responsible for the failure and the resulting damage. In these cases, the investigator is usually contracted by a government agency or insurance company to perform a full examination of the explosion. By tracing back to the initial error, the investigator can give an expert opinion on what triggered the explosion and whether a company or person should bear the responsibility.



The other side of the coin is that a successful explosion investigation should bring new knowledge to light, such as a common part that is defective. By determining this culpability, countless dollars in damage can be prevented after the part has been found to be faulty. In this manner, the explosion investigator serves an important role in increasing safety as well as reducing the physical and financial damage caused by explosions. Their findings lead to loss prevention engineering aimed at stopping explosions before they start.



Most experts at investigating explosions have a background in fire. Many began their careers by studying fire safety and then graduated to the detective work of being arson investigators. Even with this history in understanding how fire works, being knowledgeable in explosions will take even more time and study. Those few that are recognized as Certified Explosion Investigators have the experience and wisdom needed to make an accurate assessment of what happens when an explosion occurs.


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