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Increase your World War II knowledge with DVD's and Books

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The Nuremberg Rally was the annual rally held by the Nazi's during 1923 throughout 1938. The first rally by the NSDAP (Nazi party) was in 1923 in Munich, and in 1926 was in Weimar. The next rallies were exclusively held in Nuremberg.

There were clearly many reasons for selecting Nuremberg. The first reason is because it was situated in the middle of the German Reich and the local Luitpoldhain, which for those times was a great venue. To know more buy the Nuremberg Nazi rallies DVD. Moving on, NSDAP relied on a well structured local strand that was led by Gaultier Julius Streicher. These parties were simply large propaganda events after Hitler's rise to power. The Nuremberg police were sympathetic towards this event. The number of participants was steadily growing every year. There were participants from various sectors, including sections of the party, the army and the state.

The Waffen-SS was an armed wing of the Nazi party that was organized into a multi-national military force. This force became more prominent during World War II, as it grew from three regiments to over 38 divisions. Adolf Hitler was hesitant to add the Waffen-SS to the army. This is because prior the war it was in control of the SS operational command office. At the end of the war there were about 60% non-Germans that made up the Waffen-SS. The Waffen SS books depict the marches in detail. The Waffen-SS are not to be blamed entirely for the crimes against humanity, since most of the soldiers were combatants and not criminals.

The Waffen SS combat training was primarily for several months with three objectives - Political Indoctrination, Physical Fitness and Small-Arms proficiency. This was a very tough program that only one out of three could have cleared. Once basic training was imparted all the recruits were sent to specialist school to receive further training. This routine for training is used by several armed forces even today. Furthermore, training which was imparted enhanced unit cohesion and mutual respect.

If you're a collector, you can find online Nazi & SS daggers. The Nazi party introduced military, political, social symbols and the dreadful of all were Nazi daggers. The German flag had colors like black, red, and gold, which was replaced with the Swastika flag. In addition to this, the national anthem was altered by adding the Hitler salute which is achieved by raising the right arm. The production of German daggers started in 1933 and stopped in 1942. There are millions of Third Reich daggers in existence even today.

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