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Name Badges and Your Business Branding

by embfanembrodary

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Why is there a need for embroidered badges on your employees’ uniforms?  How can it help in your company’s day-to-day operations? These name tags can actually make a workplace relaxed and interactive since everybody knows each other’s names. For some companies, embroidered badges in custom designs are being used as corporate giveaways. But there are a lot more uses for name tags or engraved name badges most especially for service oriented organizations like a fast food chain.

Improve Customer Service

Placing the name of your employees below the company logo can help you impose discipline on your people. Since they can be easily identified by everybody, clients or fellow co-workers, they will feel that they are accountable for whatever moves they make. They will feel obligated to give their best, be extra careful and be more responsible in handling customers. A staff wearing an official name badge will also feel empowered. It will boost his self confidence because he feels his presence is important. It can also help in gaining trust and value from patrons of the business.

A More Secured Working Environment

For some companies, photo id badges are more useful because they can also serve as official Identification Card. It actually minimizes theft and impersonation because anybody can just check if the face in the ID card matches the one wearing it. It cultivates a feeling of security in a workplace. On the contrary, identification cards with no picture on are prone to illegal acts. They can easily be used by anybody since they don’t have actual photos of the owner on them. Signatures can also be easily forged and anybody can just place his or her picture on it.

You can also opt to used temporary name tags for your company’s visitors. In this way, you and your employees can differentiate guests from co-workers. This will prevent unauthorized individuals to stay away from a particular department in your workplace.

Moreover, you can also opt to invest on electronic type of name Custom metal badges. They can be used as your staff’s passkey when they log in and out of your company’s premises. They may cost more than the usual plastic badges but it will make attendance logging more accurate.

Enhance Company Branding

If your company is on a budget, plastic name badges will do. These are cheap name badges but are actually long lasting. No matter what type of badge you will use, they still can boost your company’s name. You just have to make sure that your company name and logo is clearly printed on them. Name tags can be a tool to let other people know the products and services of your corporation. In the long run, these tags can boost business exposure. They can be the perfect advertisement medium with minimum investment.

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