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Side Effects with At-Home Teeth Whitening Treatments

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Many cosmetic treatment options exist for patients who wish to whiten the appearance of their teeth.  The use of products containing hydrogen or carbamide peroxide provides the easiest and quickest ways to lighten dental enamel.  It is important to note that there are some side effects that result from the use of over the counter whitening treatments.  Today we will learn what patients should look out for if they choose to pursue whitening treatment alone, and how they can avoid these side effects by working with Dr. Knechtel and staff at our Longmont dental office.  

Teeth whitening products found over the counter lighten dental enamel and minimize staining by use of bleaching ingredients.  These dental whitening products can irritate the mouth in the following ways:

- Enamel sensitivity

- Gum irritation

Enamel sensitivity and gum irritation may occur if a whitening solution is left on your teeth or gums for an extended period of time.  Patients with sensitive teeth are prone to increased dental sensitivity.

The best ways to avoid these problems are to:

- Consult your dentist before pursuing over the counter whitening treatment

- Select professional whitening treatment instead of at-home bleaching

Professional teeth whitening is superior to at-home teeth whitening because dentists are equipped to tailor the formula and bleaching method to fit individual needs.  To avoid gum sensitivity, whitening trays that sit slightly above the gum line are used.  For those with sensitive enamel, the whitening solution is made milder than the standard solutions.  Patients are far less likely to experience side effects when a dentist administers whitening treatment.  

To learn more about your specific cosmetic dentistry treatment options including teeth whitening, give our Longmont cosmetic dental office a call.  We are here to help you achieve a bright and beautiful smile!

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