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Why Guidance of a DUI defense attorney is Important

by SaltLakeCityDUIAtty

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A person, who has been accused of driving under the influence in an incident caused because of that reason, should be braced to face serious consequences. It is a very serious offense and getting out of such a fix can prove to be very tedious and expensive. It is illegal to drink and drive in all the states of the USA and for those who live in Salt Lake City, Utah, a DUI defense attorney Salt Lake City has to be consulted if that rule is broken. An attorney is the only one who is aware about all the laws, rules and protocols. Therefore, it is in the attorney’s power to look through the case and guide his client properly. If there is any loophole in the way the person was convicted then the prosecution will become very weak and the client will be able to escape punishment. It is important for a person to follow whatever instruction the attorney presents to him or her. The case should not be complicated unnecessarily and a good an experienced lawyer will surely take the most basic approach towards presenting the case in the court. The whole procedure is something which can only be dictated by a person who is in close study with the law. The person, who has been accused, will already be under a lot of stress and only by relying completely on the attorney can he or she relax. Every state differs slightly in terms or rules and regulations and the court runs according to those days.

The first time when a person comes to the court he or she will go through an ‘arraignment’. The charges which have been brought against the accused by the state will be explained in this part of the process. The DUI defense attorney Salt Lake City is expected to explain the whole procedure to the client and also guide the client regarding how he or she should behave. At the arraignment, a piece of paper or a video will be arranged for the person, in which the rights of the person will be displayed. The person has to provide his or her signature on this piece of paper, stating that he or she is aware of all the rights. The basic idea behind the arraignment is that the judge wants to make sure that the person is aware of all the rights that he or she has and also whether the person wants to plead guilty or not guilty. If a person straight away pleads guilty then the punishment can expect to be very severe. Therefore, it is always advisable for a person to fight the charges so that there is a fair chance of reducing or eliminating the punishment with the help of a lawyer. The court will also inquire whether the person has a lawyer or not. If he or she doesn’t have one, then a public lawyer will be appointed for them at that time.

The next step that the court will do is to look into the release of the person. If it’s the person’s first time in court then that person will be released normally and if the person has a criminal record then a bail will be set up so that the person shows up in court during future hearings. After this, a date for the pretrial hearing for the person will be assigned and if the person wants a certain change in that date then the judge has to be told about it immediately. At the pretrial hearing, the judge will want to know they key points of the case from both the sides. The DUI defense attorney Salt Lake City will play the main part at this stage as all the questions have to be answered by the attorney itself. The attorney will let the judge know all the vital details and will decide upon the time which is required to set things in order to undergo the trial. The accused will only be asked whether he or she has understood every detail of the hearing and that should be the end of the person’s role here.

If the DUI defense attorney in Salt Lake City has asked for a motion hearing, then all the aim will be on suppressing certain evidence which can be used against the client. The idea behind this is that by hiding unfavorable evidence, a better chance of winning the case can be expected and the other benefit will arise, if the prosecution might want to come to a mutual understanding which would be helpful for both the sided. A motion hearing takes place in a courtroom and there are witnesses present from both sides and these witnesses play a crucial role in providing their side with the upper hand. The ultimate step in the process will be the trial and the date will be announced by the court. The prosecution will try to present every proof and detail against the person accused and this is when the best defense has to be put forward. It is essentially a battle which has to be won anyhow because if the punishment is not escaped, then it can tamper with the entire life of an individual. Everything will be spoilt due to the lack of one minor effort made on the part of the accused and the attorney.


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