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GeoLoqal - Geotargeting

by nickchristo7

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Geotargeting As A Service
Great, so you have a real location or have even created virtual tours with our ‘virtual’ location services
Now, you need to take action based on whether your user is in a region, approaching a target location or has just left that location. Wouldn’t it be great if you could target your app’s actions based on that? Let’s say you want to present your user with a coupon once the user gets close to a restaurant, notify them of a task when they get close to a location, give them new offers while they are in a particular area…. Imagine how much more time your users would spend on your app!!
With the GeoLoqal platform, you can create Geo-fences anyway you want – create arbitrary zones using polygons, polylines, circles or even create arbitrary paths! Then you can enable triggers that will set off notifications/alerts or broadcast messages targeted to your user before they are entering a a target area, are in the area or on leaving the target area.

Your imagination is the limit.

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